Pioneer Spirit - Pure Beeswax Pillars


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Our artisanal, 100% pure beeswax pillars, are handcrafted from start to finish, using quality Canadian beeswax.  All Pillars have a 3" Diameter, Height's as follows:

Small 2.75"   BT 40 hours

Medium 3.75"  60 Hours

Large 4.75" 80 hours

Extra Large 5.75" 100 Hours


For best results, these pillars must be burned for at least 3+ hours the first time. To avoid tunneling, carefully hug the edges of the candle towards the flame. This will also ensure the candle burns completely.

Beeswax is environmentally friendly, smokeless and dripless when burned in proper conditions. Enjoy burning beeswax, the only naturally existing wax on earth!