Marmalade - Silver + Bronze Symbol Charms


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Compass: The compass provides hope and inspiration to follow your heart and your rightful path.
Crescent Moon: A symbol of the Muslim faith, symbolizing the beginning and end of the fasting of ramadan.
Heart: Represents the centre of emotion - including love, aection, compassion and understanding.
Earth: Known affectionately as the “Great Mother”, the earth is a symbol of nourishment and abundance, inspiring exploration and new adventure.
Forest: The place where life thrives, filled with mystery and adventure.
Moon + Stars: Celebrating the natural rhythms of the universe, the moon is a symbol of light, feminine energy and our movement through the phases of time.
Mountain: Known for calmness and permanence, a symbol of overcoming obstacles or making progress towards a dream.
Wave: Representing endless possibilities, water reminds us of the beauty of charting the unknown.
Horse: Represents wild freedom, and at the same time, mutual respect, caring, compassion, friendship and love.
Cat: Reminds us to balance independence with family, and adventure with the comforts of home.
Bunny: Represents fertility, comfort, prosperity and the abundance of springtime.
Bear: Emblematic of grounding forces and strength, inspiring to those who need courage, and a powerful guide and protector.
Bee: Reminds us to be productive while the sun shines, and that we can accomplish great things when we work together.
Paw: represent the respect and love for a pet.
Moon: is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time.
Mushroom: Known to be magical and transportative - rooting us in the earth, while also providing wonder.
Cherries: Speak of love, joy, and nostalgic memories of the summers of our childhood.
Music Note: Celebrating a love of music.
Owl: Reminds us to look beneath the surface of reality to find true inspiration and guidance.
Cat Face: Reminds us to balance independence with family, and adventure with the comforts of home.
Sunset: The setting sun reminds us of the passage of time, new beginnings, and the mystery and beauty of life itself
Rainbow: A reminder of the beauty of showing your true colours, and of the promise of calm after adversity.
Bike: Symbolizes focus, determination, passion, and the freedom the comes from that feeling of riding a bike.
Butterfly: An important symbol of change and transformation within ourselves and the world.
  • 100% handmade:  designed, cast, and finished in the Marmalade studio
  • materials: made from recycled Sterling silver and Bronze
  • size: measures around 3/8"
  • the back is stamped with the Marmalade trademark

*All of the charms available have a bronze border and a silver image!