Marmalade - Tiny Sculpted Charms (Multiple Styles!)


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Wishbone: A symbol of growth, renewal, and transformation. A reminder of our ability to weather change gracefully.
Star: Act as fixed points to help us to navigate our path, in order to fulfill our own potential, and make our dreams come true.
Moon: Celebrating the natural rhythms of the universe, the moon is a symbol of light, feminine energy and our movement through the phases of time.
Key: A symbol of freedom and new possibilities, the key has the potential to open previously locked rooms to create new beginnings.
Horseshoe: The lucky Horseshoe has been worn for centuries as a symbol of protection and good fortune.
Heart: Represents the centre of emotion - including love, action, compassion and understanding.
Feather: The feather is a powerful symbol of truth, hope, lightness and spiritual growth.
Arrow: A powerful symbol of meaningful direction and of finding the right path in life and in love.
Flower: Symbolizes new beginnings, happiness, and taking time to celebrate friendship and love.
Mushroom: Known to be magical and transportative - rooting us in the earth, while also providing wonder.
Anchor: The anchor keeps us in place in the stormiest of circumstances, representing strength, commitment and a love of the sea.
Peanut: The arrival of a new little one.
Book: An escape to any kind of adventure.
Bow: A symbol of femininity, and of women’s choice and empowerment. She is free to express herself as she is and to put into the world what she chooses.
  • 100% handmade:  designed, cast, and finished in the Marmalade studio in Toronto, Ontario
  • materials: made from recycled Sterling silver and Bronze