Marmalade - Medallion Charms


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Bee: Reminds us to be productive while the sun shines, and that we can accomplish great things when we work together.

Wildflower Garden: Not intentionally planted or cultivated, the wildflower grows free.

Evergreen Forest: A place to feel lost with wonder and the possibility of adventure and exploration.

Mushroom: Known to be magical and transportative, the mushroom roots us in the earth, while also providing the gift of wonder.

Sun Face: The powerful sun grows gardens to sustain life, and spreads warmth and joy upon the earth.

Moon Face: Shining down from the sky, the moon is a guide, a keeper of time, and a symbol of continuous evolution and transformation.

*handmade in the Marmalade studio
*materials: solid sterling silver or solid Bronze
*size: measures around 11 x 11 mm
*the back is stamped with the Marmalade “M”
*ships from Toronto