Love North - Sweetgrass Hydrosol


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Sweetgrass is a ceremonial plant used to bring in blessings & positivity. The sweetgrass braids together body, mind & soul, helping to merge all aspects. The pure plant essence cleanses our energetic field to bring in a higher vibrational state. Spray on body & in home for clearing energetic field & spaces. 


We ethically wild-harvest an array of botanicals and evergreens, and using the ancient alchemical process of distillation, we work hand in hand with Mother Earth to create distillations, which come out in the form of hydrosols (water soluble extraction of plant) and essential oils (oil soluble extraction of the plants). We use these raw materials, which have been carefully selected from healthy forests to create our line of aromatherapy and skincare products. 

We caretake, we monitor, we forage, we exchange with the earth. There is such time, care and love put into this process, that we hope our work inspires others to lead with their heart, and let the creative unfoldment connect us to higher vibrations and better versions of ourselves, and in the end, a new Earth.