Eleven Love - Zodiac Wish Bracelets

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Beautiful, dainty and minimalistic string bracelets made from 100% silk string, natural crystals, and 14K gold-filled beads.

Created to uplift and inspire.

Our 11:11 Make a Wish Ritual:
Each bracelet has a special affirmation and meaning connected to it. This affirmation is printed on the card. Tell a loved one to tie the bracelet comfortably on your left wrist with a double knot. At 11:11, make your wish, read the affirmation, or have a loved one read it to you. Once it is worn, the bracelet acts as a reminder of your wish.

The bracelet is meant to be worn at all times, however, if the bracelet gets too stretched, worn out, or if you need to take off for any reason, you can do so. When it is removed or no longer worn, your wish is released into the magic of the universe. When the bracelet is no longer worn, please take a moment to acknowledge your wish being released and say thank you to the universe for the blessings...

Included: bracelet, affirmation card, ritual card.

*Not meant for small children because of small parts.
*Please remove if any irritation occurs.

Handcrafted with love in Ottawa, Ontario.


Aquarius Affirmation: “I wish to always speak my truth without fear. To spread kindness and love to all those around me. To give to others and help those in need when I can, and to open my heart to receive just as much as I give. I am worthy and I am loved.“

Pisces Affirmation: “I wish to always trust my intuition and to keep my thoughts positive. To never stop dreaming. To be compassionate with myself and others and to open my heart to receive all the love that is meant for me. I am worth, I am free.“

Aries Affirmation: “I wish to never give up on my dreams. To follow my passions and believe in myself. To keep my thoughts positive and to spread light into the world. To speak my truth and stay true to my most highest authentic self. I am light, I am aligned.“

Taurus Affirmation: “I wish to love life passionately with my whole heart. To always be kind and compassionate. To give to others when my cup is overflowing and to give back to myself without guilt when my cup is empty. I give love and receive love.“

Gemini Affirmation: “I wish to always trust the wisdom of my soul. To be kind and gentle to myself when I need to rest. To remember to play and have fun when life gets mundane. To set my spirit free, to honour both sides of myself and to spread love and laughter to all those around me. I am joyful, I am free.“

Cancer Affirmation: “I wish to always trust my intuition and believe in myself. To remember to protect my boundaries and that my strong empathetic nature is my gift. And to give myself the same love and kindness that I give to those around me. I am safe, I am loved.“

Leo Affirmation: “I wish to spread joy and cheer wherever I go. To keep my thoughts positive and filled with love and light. To be brave and courageous. To stand in my truth and believe in myself. And to be abundant in happiness, health and love. I am strong, I am divine.“

Virgo Affirmation: “I wish to follow my passions and to trust my inner voice for guidance. To believe I can do anything I put my mind to. To be resilient and strong. To pause and take time for myself when I need it. And to stay humble and peaceful. I am peace, I am love.“

Libra Affirmation: “I wish to wildly love life and those around me with my whole heart. To be passionate in all that I do. To remember that my sensitive nature is my intuition guiding me, and to always trust in my inner voice. I am authentic, I am love.“

Scorpio Affirmation: “I wish to always believe in the magic and mystery of the Universe. To stay connected with my higher self and to listen to my inner voice. To let Spirit guide me in all that I do. And to stay loyal and true to myself and all those I love deeply. I am magic, I am energy.“

Sagittarius Affirmation: “I wish to stay joyful and optimistic. To enjoy the simple pleasures in life. To spread love and kindness to the world around me. To be an ear to listen to and shoulder to cry on. And to remember to give myself as much love and compassion as I give to others. I am love and I am light.“

Capricorn Affirmation: “I wish to have passion and dedication in all that I do. To be divinely guided to my purpose. To trust in the Universe and my own intuition. To not always take life so seriously and have fun. To stay grounded and connected to the energy and intelligence of life. I am safe, I am loved.“