Lvnea - Midnight Tuberose - Parfum Crème (10g)

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tuberose, rose, dark resins

A dark, indolic floral solid perfume.

Heavy petals rest like tongues
‘Cross scarlet silk, ‘cross florid skin,
Heady words are gleaned, are wrung
From bed of roses glistening.

Featured Notes: tuberose petals, Russian apothecary rose, dark resins, and a touch of cèpes and cocoa. 
Aspects: heady floral, intoxicating, narcotic.
The Ritual: rub onto pulse points and as the body warms it will release the scent. 
Ingredients: jojoba oil, candelilla wax, floral waxes, an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts. 

Comes in a beautiful black amethyst glass pot inside a matte black gift box.

10g / .33oz