Credo - Organic Cotton Produce and Bulk Food Bags


Combo pack of four bags, two "Mesh" and two "Bulk":

Credobags Mesh Produce Bags for fruits and vegetables are the practical option for the Zero Waste lifestyle. Reuse these bags at the grocery store or farmers’ market – to replace plastic single use bags. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing an option that is sustainable- reusable and recyclable. Credobags is the only company in North America manufacturing this bag.

Bulk Food bags are a practical storage solution for bulk purchases such as rice, dried beans, nuts, coffee, pasta and grains. Use our smaller size for herbs or loose teas. Take these lightweight bags with you for bulk shopping- they are light to transport and then easily unload them at home into your glass jars.

• 100% Regular Cotton or Certified Organic Cotton (Mesh bags) and Hemp/Organic Cotton blend or 100% Organic Cotton (Bulk bags)
• Washable
• Reusable option when shopping for unpackaged bulk items
• Mesh design allow cashiers to easily identify contents of bag
• Convenient drawstring closure



Bulk bags - 6" x 5.5" and 9" x 8.5"

Mesh bags - 11" x 10" and 14" x 12"