Salvage Jewelry Co.

I am a woman who loves a good find, all things vintage and have always had an innate creativity inside that would take me down if I decided against listening to it. Out of this Salvage Jewelry Co. was born.

After graduating from high school in 1998 I took myself off to NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and graduated in 2003 with a Fine Arts Degree. While earning my degree I took classes in ceramics, textiles design, and book binding. I tried my hand at jewelry making, weaving, drawing and painting. I reveled in being creative, staying up until the wee hours cranking out art for the millionth class I was taking.

Salvage Jewelry Co. has stemmed from my love of vintage jewelry. I use vintage components and recycled scrap metals and reuse them to create an updated, modern piece. I can always can be found rummaging through vintage stores, flea markets or perhaps your grandmother's jewelry box for pieces that inspire my designs.

There is an obvious nostalgic quality to my work that is informed by the era of the original pieces that I work with. I absolutely love the wonderful contrast that happens when I update a traditional, formal jewelry piece into a casual, modern fashion.