Bambu work's with renewable, reclaimed, and recycled materials that inspire them to create distinctive products. For bambu, it is not about a single material, but an exploration to expand their pallette of materials, textures, colours and designs. 

Certifications and standards advance sustainable business practices and they provide transparency and assurance for people who care. bambu initiated the first and holds the only organic certification for the source of their bamboo material. Bambu products are made from 100% organically grown bamboo. No pesticides or fertilizers are ever used. bambu conducts an annual audit under the guidance of IMO Switzerland. Bambu utensils and kids products are the only products that have earned the Certified Organic seal from NOP. The same products are made without glues, adhesives or lacquers.

All products have care instructions on the packaging. All packaging material is made from recycled or FSC certified materials. Inks are water based. 

Bambu is among the few certified businesses which has been granted Green America's Gold Seal of Approval.