Fig Clothing

FIG Clothing is a Canadian sportswear brand for active, urban and elegant women who love to travel. The collection is inspired by adventure and practicality. It is designed for those in need of versatility. Each mini-collection is made of its own unique fabric to provide maximum freedom of movement. FIG is essential for travelling in comfort!


The FIG leaf symbolizes the invention of clothing, with Adam and Eve as original models. Since our mission is to keep things simple and down to the essential, what better way is there to illustrate it than with a fig? In the language of choreography, fig. is short for figure (as in dancing figure, acrobatic figure). In other words, movement and action… things for which FIG is designed. Figure also evokes the silhouette, the shape of a woman, just as the FIG collection is designed to flatter and celebrate the female body.


Our mission is to offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional travel wear. An alternative that showcases the woman body and offers the possibility to feel at ease in many situations: in an urban setting like Manhattan or in a Tanzanian safari. With FIG, it is fast and easy to switch your style by simply changing from a sandal to a high heel shoe!


We are proud to mention that our clothes are developed and manufactured entirely in Canada. This business model allows us to encourage the local workforce and limit travel related to the production and distribution of our clothes. It is not only a part of the DNA of the company. It allows us to have better quality control and respond quickly to our clientele's need. This commitment also encourages us to choose Canadian fabrics as well as organic fabrics whenever interesting options exist. Our SAFARI andCHALET collections are in fact great alternatives for our eco-responsible clients!