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Curious Oddities

Born in a century-old log cabin in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains was our dear curator, Kat. Surrounded by a community rich with artifacts of the early pioneers and settlers, she grew to have the heart of a dreamer and the spirit of an explorer. Her inquisitive nature has led her to explore many different crafts and trades, absorbing new techniques and inspiration every step of the way. Since moving to Toronto, she has spent her time making delightful, fantastic jewelry. Her work is heavily influenced by the designs of the Victorian Era, in which romance, whimsy and elegance were paired with fine workmanship, quality materials and exquisite detailing. She also draws inspiration from many literary sources including works by Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Frank L. Baum and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. She has always been deeply aware of the balance and beauty of the world around her. Through her work, she loves to marry the natural with the mechanical, drawing unexpected beauty from the mundane. With her vivid imagination, Kat sees a story in everything and seeks to unveil the magic in all she touches. Her current collection features a wide variety of salvaged treasures accented with premium quality, traditionally pressed, antiqued and silver plated brass.

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